Cultural events in the city of Osijek

Rich history and active comunity of our city has provided many quality cultural events through the years which. Many of this events became tradition and part of folklore of the city of Osijek.

Osijek Summer of Culture

Osijek Summer of Culture (OLJK) is one of the major cultural events in the eastern part of Croatia.

Krleža days

Krleža Days is a theatrical event held since 1987, the year when a sculpture dedicated to a great Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža was placed in the central park in Osijek (Park kralja Petra Krešimira IV), a work of academic sculptor Marija Ujević Galetović.

SLUK - Meeting of puppeteers and puppet theaters

SLUK is a biennale review of the creativity and recent creations in the field of puppetry.

EPTA - European Piano Teachers Association

Since 1999 the Music School Franjo Kuhač (Glazbena škola Franje Kuhača) organizes and hosts the EPTA International Young Pianists Competition.

International Festival of Croatian Tambura Music

One of the main events in the city is this fine cultural spectacle in May featuring tambura orchestras.

Memorial Franjo Krežma

This Memorial is a biennial international violin competition of young talented artists marking the brilliance of Osijek’s genius violinist Franjo Krežma and is held since 1968.

Memorial Darko Lukić

The Memorial “Darko Lukić” Biennial is traditionally held since 1977 in memory of great pianist Darko Lukić.  

Jazz Spring Festival

The Association “Argus” organizes the Jazz Spring Festival (usually in March or April).

International Jazz & Blues Festival in Osijek

International Jazz & Blues Festival Osijek traditionally held since 2005 is organized by the Croatian Association of Science, Art and Culture.

Dionysus Festival - International Festival of theTheatre Academies

Since 2008 the organizer of the Dionysus Festival is the Art Academy in Osijek (UAOS). Besides the students from the Academy in Osijek students and teachers from drama academies from Zagreb, Novi Sad (Serbia), Sibiua (Romania) and Bratislava (Slovakia) take part in the event.

International Theatre Festival in German

This International Festival is in Osijek organized by the German National Union – National Association of Danubian Schwaben (Njemačka narodnosna zajednica – Zemaljska udruga Podunavskih Švaba) since 2007.

Slavonian Biennale

Slavonian Biennale is a traditional artistic event with a tradition longer than 40 years and it is organized by the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek.

Days of graphics

Art event organized by the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek, dedicated to the graphic arts, its revitalization, better understanding and popularization. This event is organized every year since 2004.

Memorial Ivo Kerdic - Triennale of medal and small plastic

The Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek organizes Memorial Ivo Kerdic, national triennial festival that represents Croatian medal art and small plastic - two very specific, narrow art disciplines within the art of sculpturing, which a relatively small number of artists in Croatia deal with.

Matica hrvatska Days

The branch of Matica Hrvatska in Osijek organizes every year a rich cultural program on the occasion of celebrating the Matica Hrvatska Days.

International Workshop art prints - HDLU Osijek

World Without Borders

“Land Without Borders” is an international educational cultural festival for children and youth that BREZA started in 2004 with the purpose of promoting creativity and developing various skills of children and youth.

Landart Festival Slama

Academic sculptor Nikola Faller started in the year 2006 a special kind of artistic manifestation – a colony which soon morphed into a Landart Festival STRAW.

International salon of digital photography Osijek

In the framework of international cooperation the Photoclub Osijek and the Photoclub Pécs Mecsek organize the International Salon of Digital Photography in the premises of the Gallery Casemate (Galerija Kazamat).

Pannonian Challenge - extreme sports & music festival

The biggest extreme sports competition in the region traditionally sponsored by the City of Osijek. The event is organized since 1999 and it became an important part of the culture of the urban population. It is an event of a great importance to the sports and cultural scene in Osijek with a strong regional impact and is becoming a strong internationally known brand.

International Francophonie Day

Society for Cultural Cooperation - Alliance Française organizes the International Francophonie Day in Osijek since 1997.  

The Hungarians Day in Osijek

A traditional event started in 1999 by Hungarian Cultural Society Népkör. The event is held during the month of September at the main square in the city center.

Urban Fest Osijek

Urban music festival featuring young non-recognized musicians supported as guest performers by their reputable colleagues.

Austrian Culture Days

This event is organized by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Zagreb with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Austria, together with the Croatian-Austrian Society of Osijek.

Italian Culture Days

The Italian Institute for Culture from Zagreb organized in 2013 an event named Italian Culture Days.

Museum nights

The event with the aim of popularizing the museums in Osijek it is organized since 2007 and each year it is gaining on popularity.

Antiques Fair

It is an event which is constantly gaining on popularity and it takes place throughout the whole year on the first Saturday of the month at St. Trinity Square in the Citadel – Tvrđa (Trg Sv. Trojstva). 

Easter eggs painted in the colors of the City

It would somehow be a literal translation of the name of the event held every year before Easter on the main city square. 

Other events of the Art Academy in Osijek

There are several relatively young, but very significant, events initiated by the Art Academy in Osijek. From theater and stage events we can stress out the Lutkokaz - International Show of Puppetry. From musical events we can emphasize GLAZ-B-OS and International Singing Competition Leo and from the fine arts or painting the Fine Art Colony Jarčevac.