Osječko ljeto kulture 2017.

Osječko ljeto kulture 2017.

Osijek Summer of Culture

Osijek Summer of Culture (OLJK) is one of the major cultural events in the eastern part of Croatia.

Since 2001 this event offers quality programs to its visitors during the summer time and is an excellent opportunity to revive the Old Town of the City of Osijek named Tvrđa (Citadel), which is famous for its well preserved and largest ensemble of Baroque buildings in Croatia.

Revitalization of the Old Town – Tvrđa (Citadel) was the guiding principal of the City Government when they started the project Osijek Summer of Culture. This event was preceded by an event named “Summers in the Citadel”, the embryo of today's OLJK.

Osijek Summer of Culture (OLJK) starts on the 29th June the Day of Saints Peter and Paul, the patron saints of the city of Osijek and lasts until mid-July. Main participants of this event are all institutions and cultural organizations from the city of Osijek, as well as numerous individual artists and many visiting artists.  The intention of the organizers and participants of the event is to make it a recognizable location on the cultural and festival map in Croatia. The long-term goal is to develop Osijek Summer of Culture into one of major cultural – tourist attractions of the Central Europe. Usually the program of the OLJK  consists of some forty theater, music, dance, art, literature and film programs of high artistic level that are visited by more than ten thousand people. The quality and popularity of the Festival grows every year and the fact that on many occasions there was not enough places for all the visitors is the best indicator of OLJK’s success.